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* All the World’s A Stage
* Me, Myself and I
* The Art of Successful Query Letters
* Playing With My Writer’s Blocks
* The Cheshire Cat Guide
* Speaking On Your Writing Topics
* Creating Effective Brochures
* Staying On Track As You Write
* Counting Costs and Blessings
* Sticks and Stones
* Internet-Based Research
* Tools of the Poet
* Interviewing Techniques
* The "Top" 6 Types of Articles
* Juggling Writing and My Other Life
* Web Site Creation for Writers
* Keeping A Writer’s Journal
* Writers Online
* Leads and Conclusions
* Writing to Universal Needs

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Writing to Encourage and Inspire

Writer’s Workshops and Seminars offered by Dr. Jeanetta Chrystie:

Color Key:
Computer Topics are in red,
Topics from College Classes are in blue,
Favorite Workshops are in green.

All the World’s A Stage
Objective: Learn to do "knockout" public readings of your writing.
Synopsis: It is important for today’s writers to do readings well, learn to use professional speaker’s techniques.
Me, Myself and I
Objective: Identify your writer’s personality & use it to your advantage.
Synopsis: Learn 4 basic personality types & how they affect your writing.
The Art of Successful Query Letters
Objective: Create more effective query letters and generate more sales.
Synopsis: Learn the "sales pitch" for your idea & of yourself to best write it.
Playing With My Writer’s Blocks
Objective: Identify and overcome the "writer’s blocks" in your life.
Synopsis: Does something masquerade as writer’s block in your life? Find out!
The Cheshire Cat Guide
Objective: Define your writing goals, to guide your writing activities.
Synopsis: The Cheshire Cat told Alice, "If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter." Discover your goals and set a course to reach them!
Speaking On Your Writing Topics
Objective: Learn 7 speakers’ techniques, taught by professional speakers.
Synopsis: Asked to speak? Use these tips to speak with poise and impact.
Creating Effective Brochures
Objective: Create effective brochures to sell your writing and speaking services.
Synopsis: Does placement matter? Well-designed brochures market your writing, editing and speaking skills.
Staying On Track As You Write
Objective: Maintain your focus while writing a non-fiction article.
Synopsis: Develop smooth flow & glean multiple articles from one idea.
Counting Costs and Blessings
Objective: Define what success as a writer means for you.
Synopsis: Decide what projects to tackle, based on what success is to you.
Sticks and Stones
Objective: Cope better with rejection.
Synopsis: Use rejection to improve your writing & persevere with passion.
Internet-Based Research
Objective: Be more informed & adept at conducting research on the Internet.
Synopsis: Terms, searching, resources, newsgroups & listservs, ftp, & gopher.
Tools of the Poet
Objective: Teach novice poets to use more of the basic tools of poetry.
Synopsis: Discuss proper use of metrics, rhyme, and figures of speech.
Interviewing Techniques
Objective: Understand and use proper interviewing tips and techniques.
Synopsis: Credible articles benefit by using interview tips and techniques.
The "Top" 6 Types of Articles
Objective: Teach the six most popular, and fun-to-write types of articles.
Synopsis: Learn important similarities and differences among them.
Juggling Writing and My Other Life
Objective: Define your priorities, to guide your individual time-balance.
Synopsis: Set boundaries and priorities to guide you in saying Yes and No.
Web Site Creation for Writers
Objective: Build a free author website.
Synopsis: Learn about free hosts, tips and techniques to create your own site.
Keeping A Writer’s Journal
Objective: Encourage writers to keep a "writer’s journal."
Synopsis: Discuss a writer’s journal verses a diary, develop writer’s radar.
Writers Online
Objective: Discover many resources and opportunities available online.
Synopsis: Email & discussion forums, references, online grammar & style guides; online mags, training, critiques, support groups & genre resources.
Leads and Conclusions
Objective: Create improved leads and conclusions for articles & short stories.
Synopsis: Purposes & types of leads and conclusions, how to improve each.
Writing to Universal Needs
Objective: Help writers create more saleable manuscripts by appealing to reader’s universal needs.
Synopsis: Learn the universal needs.

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May your day be richly blessed with productivity and rest. ~ Jeanetta

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