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Why I Speak

  • Public Speaking is fun - at least for me it is!
  • It's great to watch immediate feedback from an audience on how you present your message/topic.
  • I learn a lot about what does and doesn't work from watching and "feeling" an audience respond.
  • The verbal feedback after a speech/talk is often valuable. Written feedback on a magazine article, etc., is usually a rare occurence.
  • The audience comments before a speech can also be valuable -- such as "did the title convey the true topic of my talk?"
  • Audience questions tell me what they did and didn't understand, what was valuable to them, and what they'd like to hear more about -- then or at another time.
  • When speaking, I often get ideas about related topics to write/speak about -- sometimes while I'm talking and sometimes during audience feedback opportunities.
  • Speaking is a great way to develop enough material to expand what was originally an article idea into a book.
  • Audience members often tell me new stories I can (with permission) use in later talks/writings.

If you feel unsure about "Speaking On Your Writing Topics" (see my Writer's Workshop on the topic), or join a local Toastmaster's group. I did and continue learning.


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