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Mission/Vision Statement
Jeanetta R. Chrystie, Ph.D.

Believing that God has given each of us gifts (according to 1 Peter 4:10) to serve others, and to faithfully administer God's grace; my Vision is that by providing Christ-honoring articles, books, stories, poetry, and speeches, I am serving to further His Kingdom, edify the body, and spread the good news of the gospel. Yes, not all of my writing is specifically Christian in tone or nature. Some is educational or technical writing.

My Mission or "Calling" in writing is to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through Inspirational Writing and Speaking to encourage Christians and "seekers" to L.I.V.E. and L.O.V.E.   L.I.F.E.


  1. Live a more intentional and joyful Christian life.
  2. Improve their daily devotional walk with God.
  3. Value and nurture their relationships with God, family and friends.
  4. Encourage them during times of stress and trials.


  1. Love those around you more intentionally.
  2. Offer others kindness for no reason other than to brighten up the world.
  3. Validate other's feelings as at least as important as your own, aiding in mutual understanding and consideration.
  4. Emphasize the positive aspects of a situation, even washing dishes shows you had food to eat and allows time to wander in thought during a menial task.


  1. Life is a gift to be valued and enjoyed!
  2. Inner joy is a God-given blessing, an attitude that no matter what happens to me in life, God still loves me.
  3. Find nurture and strength from your relationships during everyday life, times of stress, and times of rejoicing.
  4. Eagerly anticipate everyday events, they too are gifts rather than something to "be get over with" on the way to something else; Enjoy each in its own way.

In my workshops, I expand on these and other ideas:

  1. In "The Cheshire Cat Guide" we focus on creating our Mission/Vision Statement, how to define our Considerations and Limitations, and setting goals.
  2. In "Counting Costs and Blessings" we focus on defining what SUCCESS means to you, adjusting your goals to reach that definition, and setting individual tasks to reach each goal.
  3. In "Juggling Writing and My Other Life" we focus on defining our priorities (based on our mission/vision statement and success goals), setting boundaries, and learning how and when to say "NO."
    For these and other workshops I offer,
  • see my "workshops" page under "Writing" and
  • my "topics" page under "Speaking."
~~~ Jeanetta

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